Should I Still Work out If I'm Sick (or Skip It)?

If you are not feeling so great under the weather and wondering if you should hit the gym or hit the bed which is better for you. Well, it depends. The best way to make a decision is to consult with your Personal Trainer to find out whether you should work out or take rest when sick.

If you are having a simple cold or cough you will feel much better and relaxed with mild exercise but in case of severe cold-like chest congestion and fever, it is best to take a break. If you are feeling less but still, you can do exercise then you must try to a practice that will boost up your energy and makes you feel fresh. Whenever you go through this situation you have to listen to your body. Taking a few days off wouldn't impact on your fitness level and you just have to focus on your hydration while not feeling well.

Most people workout and feel more sickness and laziness is most of the time just because of dehydration. So you need to intake or increases your fluid intake as much as you can. Staying hydrated helps you to prevent dry mouth that can make bad breath and unpleasant taste. It will increase your cardiovascular health and keeps your body cool. Water helps your muscles and joints work better by providing adequate nutrients and removing waste efficiently to perform better.

Keep in mind that whenever you feel sick increase the level of hydration that will clean your body inside and outside by preventing urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Keep in touch with your Personal Trainer who can guide you about what and how do to get faster recovery results.